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Originally Posted by Anij View Post
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Nothing like making assumptions about millions of people based on a handful! Gees.

Of all the Deaf ASL users I've known there's maybe one that fits into the "over emotional" category.
That over emotional etc type of behaviour is an individual "human thing" and has nothing at all to do with someone being hearing , Hoh, deaf or Deaf.

It's too bad she's basing a career choice on 1 or 2 people, because she's just as liking to run into this in the Hearing World as the Deaf one.

I'm a bit curious why her Dad didn't correct her on this misconception of Deaf people, and in stead let her continue believing it.
Unfortunately the very act of "using your hands" (When I was young a lot of jokes centered around Italians and Jews being unable to talk without waving their hands in the air like ______), using facial expressions, talking loud, (It was often said Blacks and Puerto Ricans couldn't sit down and have a quiet "civilized" conversation like "white" people, they always had to "raise their voices to high heaven") is often considered to be "over emotional" by many conservative hearing white folk.

I find it interesting that when I was young the standard used was "Like white people" but now that use is politically incorrect what is said is, "They are not acting professional". But when you lay down the old standard for "White conduct" and the new standards for "Professional conduct" except for those "codes of ethics" the standards are exactly the same.
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