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Originally Posted by CrazyPaul View Post
What about good pay (easy money)?
Doesn't matter. It's not what they want to do with their lives. Many many children of deaf parents have talked about the stress of interpreting for their parents. Can't be easy on a kid when your parents and the doctor or whomever get impatient with you because you didn't sign fast or well enough even though you're just a kid, not a trained professional interpreter. I can see why after a childhood of this, they don't want to deal with it anymore and live life on their own terms.

I can understand this completely. I've gotten impatient with my sons a few times when they were just trying to help and I feel really bad about it. It's quite a burden to put on a child.

You should check out some CODA videos on youtube for their first hand accounts as to why they don't want to be professional interpreters.
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