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Originally Posted by Reba View Post
Say what?

I've been interpreting for more than a few years, and I've never considered this to be a problem.
There are some deaf people who have poor anger management. Of course, some hearing people have it, too.

BTW, what I meant in my post is that my daughter doesn't like to interpret angry messages. I am sure that some deaf people call through VRS and express anger for some reasons. For example, a deaf person gets pissed off when he got a letter from SSA stating that his application for SS disability benefits was rejected because of lack of evidence or something like that. Then he calls SSA through VRS and expresses anger.

At my workplace, one deaf co-worker was angry at her supervisor and the interpreter asked her to calm down but she refused so the interpreter had to be patient with her "yelling" for like 30 minutes. I can tell that the interpreter was glad that the meeting was over and left the building immediately. LOL

So you know, some people have a problem with their anger management.
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