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Originally Posted by Reba
Originally Posted by CrazyPaul View Post
I asked my daughter why she doesn't want to be an interpreter and she said she doesn't like it when deaf people get too emotional (get out of control). She experienced it many times with her emotional mom. Usually hearing people on the other end keep cool while some deaf people don't.
Say what?

I've been interpreting for more than a few years, and I've never considered this to be a problem.
Nothing like making assumptions about millions of people based on a handful! Gees.

Of all the Deaf ASL users I've known there's maybe one that fits into the "over emotional" category.
That over emotional etc type of behaviour is an individual "human thing" and has nothing at all to do with someone being hearing , Hoh, deaf or Deaf.

It's too bad she's basing a career choice on 1 or 2 people, because she's just as liking to run into this in the Hearing World as the Deaf one.

I'm a bit curious why her Dad didn't correct her on this misconception of Deaf people, and in stead let her continue believing it.
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