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Before teenager, I loved Valentines day, My parents would shower me with gifts and love. Then when I was a teenager, I disliked Valentines day because I never get anything from a boy or boyfriend and having seeing my sisters getting flowers and gifts from boys or their boyfriends... so that made me kinda jelous and disliking Valentines day.

After High school, I could careless about Valentines day, and I would shower the love to my son like my parents did on Valentines Day.

But then last year, it all changed... Ricky took me out to dinner and proposed me! He even got me flowers which I never had before received from a man. So it was so speical to me.

This year, last night Ricky has given me beauitful flowers and card. He even took me out to dinner to Olive Garden so that was special. We came home and watched movies that we rented. So it was a nice night.

So from now on since last year, Valentines Day will always be special event for Ricky and I because it's the day that he has asked me to become his wife and we will always celebrate that.

I can't wait to get married on July 22nd!
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