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Originally Posted by dereksbicycles View Post
Reminds me of roses. I didn't get my girlfriend a rose for Valentine Day. Never have. Never will. Why get roses because everyone else is doing the same??? Roses cost money and it'll last only few months. I got my girlfriend a pink Bears t shirt. You know that if you buy a pink Chicago Bears shirt, some money goes to support breast cancer. No need for a rose just because it's traditional. Call it thinking outside the box.
The tradition I was talking about is our own courtship, not V-day's. And as to the cost, I agree. That's why I told him many times one is as pretty as a dozen.

I also sent him roses (usually just one) for V-day and other special occasions (including "thinking of you").

Flowers are a nice way of saying "I'm thinking of you". Or for cheering someone up...shows that you noticed they were feeling down. My husband send me a flower arrangement once because he noticed that I was feeling down (due to PMS). I thought that was very sweet of him.
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