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Originally Posted by LoveBlue View Post
Same for my husband. I'm not into jewelry, perfumes and other things women generally want for gifts. Though flowers are ok (but I would tell him 1 rose is as pretty as a dozen). He had courted me with roses so it was tradition for him to send me roses for V-day & our anniversary.
After a few years he stopped buying the jewelry, etc for birthday & Christmas and bought me practical things. At least I wanted some things he'd enjoy shopping for. Tools for MY toolbox, electric tools and a staple gun.
Reminds me of roses. I didn't get my girlfriend a rose for Valentine Day. Never have. Never will. Why get roses because everyone else is doing the same??? Roses cost money and it'll last only few months. I got my girlfriend a pink Bears t shirt. You know that if you buy a pink Chicago Bears shirt, some money goes to support breast cancer. No need for a rose just because it's traditional. Call it thinking outside the box.
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