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Sorry been busy......

Hi everyone, thank you all for your replies.... I had to take Timothy to the doctor this morning as he had earache since last night, doctor said he has very narrow ear canals the left is smaller than the right & it is also curved & at the moment is slightly red but not very red. The doctor gave me antibiotics but said not to collect unless it got worse as the paracetamol seems to be helping, or collect if he gets a temperature because then he has an ear infection.
I am still waiting for call that I will getting on the 20th from a lady that will let me know what's going to happen next & she is going to sort me an appointment at the hospital to see the ENT.
I am also very perplexed with the school as I did ask them to show & explain what the letter meant, they just told me to go see my doctor, which i did straight away.
Does anyone else has this problem & what normally happens? I hope everyone had a good weekend xXx
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