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Originally Posted by KristinaB View Post
Because I am the one who picks up the prescriptions for both my mother and MIL I made a request to both their doctors and to the pharmacy. The doctor's will send in the scripts online, I pick them up and about 30 minutes after I pick them up, the pharmacy calls either mother or MIL to verify that the prescriptions got home and to them. 3 years and no troubles. MIL does get something (not sure what) that is one that could be sold on the streets.
It depends what state you live in. CA has some of the toughest laws. A triplicate prescription can only be processed with the actual hard copy/original rx. They wont process through the system until we have the triplicate with the DA control # on it, that has to be log in the system before the prescription can be filled. All other prescriptions can be faxed or called in.
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