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It would be emotional abuse if the father had publicly called her a selfish little bitch in the video, and just flat out threw her out of the house and left her to fend for herself in the big bad world. But he didn't. He loved her enough to use the same tactics his daughter used on him to publicly humiliate her the same way she humiliated him in public. He didn't call her any bad names, instead he told her how disappointed he was in her actions and the consequences for her actions. If he did not love his daughter at all he wouldn't have even bothered to discipline her. He wouldn't have taken the time to show his daughter that what she is doing is not acceptable.

I showed my mom the video last night and I asked her, what would you have done if I had done this very thing at aged 15? She looked at me and bluntly said - I would have shot you instead of the computer. That just shows you how strict and rough my mom can be. My dad would have been worse. I think he would have literally beat me senseless if I had done that very thing to him. Yes as a teen I would bitch about doing the dishes occasionally (I had to do it all the time but I would occasionally bitch about it), when I did I would have loads more chores added to my list for a week and I would get grounded. That's when I just learned to not bitch about it around my parents. I damn sure would have never bitched about them on Facebook and wrote what that girl wrote on FB about her parents. Yes I was raised rough, I will admit that. But I wouldn't go so far as to say that I would never be there for my parents to care for them in old age the way this girl did. She thinks she wants to sever the relationship, but when she is older, she will want to wish she could just go back home to mom and dad for comfort.

This girl just doesn't realize how good she has it compared to some kids. I grew up never owning a pair of name-brand shoes, all my clothes came from walmart or kmart, or when things were tight - goodwill or salvation army. I never got a cell phone at all until I was able to pay for one myself. I still pay for my cell phone. A personal laptop at that age would have been totally out of the question. Either use the family computer or nothing at all. That's what we had. I have been working since age 17 without complaint - I may not always like my job but I'm thankful I even have a job. I remember my dad yelling screaming and cussing at me when I was a little kid and holding me up in the air by my ears. I remember my mom slapping me around until I had red welts all over my face. I remember my dad taking all of my toys out of my bedroom at age 5 and making me throw them into the trash compactor at the city dump and watch my toys end up smashed and destroyed because I did not pick them up off the floor. I didn't get a single new toy until Christmas that year.

I didn't get a TV in my own bedroom until I was 15.

I still argue with my dad a lot and I do resent how he treated me but that doesn't mean I will go around spouting off things like this girl has in an attempt to sever the relationship. At some point I will forgive my dad, but I also know I should be grateful that I even got to have my dad in my life. Some people, like my own daughter, never get to meet their dad, and some people lose both of their parents before aged 18 (a girl in my high school class lost her mother to cancer when she was 7, and her dad to alcohol poisoning the weekend before she started her senior year of high school.)

I'm glad I had consequences growing up, and I'm glad I got to grow up with both of my parents even if it was rough.
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