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Originally Posted by DeafCaroline View Post
All that private charity and yet if you look at a map of America's poor, the greatest concentrations are in the red states. Why export billions of dollars to the poor in other countries but turn your nose up at helping your fellow countryman? I dont understand that kind of reasoning at all.
Love to see your map. In my travels I have never seen more poverty that that in Chicago,Detroit and Northern CA....Maybe Cleveland

Private charity is no guarantee the poor will have food in their stomach. .
Neither is food stamps....

Secondly, let's say Republicans succeed is eliminating food stamps, what do you think is going to happen? Riots.
Who wants to eliminate food stamps? Perhaps you are confusing the desire to end the need for food stamps

Republicans can talk about elminating food stamps all they want but guaranteed they never will actually do that. Are you kidding? There's be nationwide riots if that ever happened. Roosevelt was absolutely correct when he said if Republicans ever tried to eliminate social/entitlement programs, their party would no longer exist
Again, I think you are confused
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