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Originally Posted by DeafCaroline View Post
All that private charity and yet if you look at a map of America's poor, the greatest concentrations are in the red states. Why export billions of dollars to the poor in other countries but turn your nose up at helping your fellow countryman? I dont understand that kind of reasoning at all
I've seen no evidence to support your contention that the bulk of private charity goes overseas. "That kind of reasoning" at this point appears to be nothing but your own straw man.

Originally Posted by DeafCaroline View Post
Private charity is no guarantee the poor will have food in their stomach. If it was, there'd be no need for food stamps.
First of all, this appears to me to be just another red herring. My point is that it's simply a false stereotype to say that conservatives do not care about the poor, and the evidence proves that. You haven't ever presented anything that would refute or undermine Brooks' research.

Secondly, this is circular reasoning.
I find it interesting administration says that the public is 'underserved' by food stamps, that there are thousands of Americans who are eligible but will not apply. But those people are eating. Both of my married kids are eligible, but they do not apply because they are able to feed their families without it, and they eat healthy, nutritious meals. We have been eligible for food stamps before but did not take them because we could eat without them.

That reform won't happen because the corporations who sell the junk food and the convenience stores that benefit from SNAP customers will fight it. In fact, recently, fast food places have been lobbying to be permitted to accept Food Stamp dollars in exchange for the burgers and fries.

Originally Posted by DeafCaroline View Post
Secondly, let's say Republicans succeed is eliminating food stamps, what do you think is going to happen? Riots.

Republicans can talk about elminating food stamps all they want but guaranteed they never will actually do that. Are you kidding? There's be nationwide riots if that ever happened. Roosevelt was absolutely correct when he said if Republicans ever tried to eliminate social/entitlement programs, their party would no longer exist.
What? I don't care if the Republican party disappears, I'm not one, and I don't think they've done Constitutionalists or Libertarians or the American public any huge favors. I don't care if the Democrat party disappears because I think they are exactly the same- the establishment in both parties is only in it for themselves. Voters are merely pawns. But this has to do with what we're talking about, how?

Who is talking about eliminating food stamps? I'm talking about the silly stereotype that Republicans or conservatives don't care about the poor. It's false, I've proved it's false, and so I guess you'd rather change the subject?

most Republican talking points I've seen are about reforming food stamps, not eliminating them.

I've mentioned that it would be a good thing to reform the food stamps program so that people are not spending all the taxpayer donated food stamps money on frozen pizza, ice-cream, cookies, twinkies, cokes, and chips on the first of the month. I mentioned that because it surprised me how many people who consider themselves liberal actually said the same thing in that other post which was about food stamps. They don't like their money going for cokes. Anybody who feels that way should be in favor of reforming the system.

And fwiw, I agree, the public has become so dependent on the government supplied bread and circuses that riots would result if they are removed. You seem to think that's proof that the government supplied bread is a positive good.
I view it as proof that it created a harmful dependency and crippling sense of entitlement, and I don't think it's compassionate to cripple people this way.

But about Brooks' research proving that liberals are far less likely to donate from their personal funds to help the poor....
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