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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
A couple things here... the deaf before or after birth is not really the issue. The issue is learned speech. If you learned speech at a young age with HA then you may have benefit from CI after HA no longer help you. If you never really learned to hear speech then a CI would be very challenging (for speech but might be an option for other sounds).

Your Audiologist cannot work with you with a CI. He/she will lose you as a customer if you get a CI. Have a discussion with a CI doctor. The Dr will have you work with one of their CI audiologist. They have the training and the equipment to work with CIs and can properly evaluate you for candidacy for a CI.

Bottom line? get a second opinion...
I am in the process of getting a second opinion. What you said made alot of sense. I was born deaf but had always heard speech sounds and the high/low frequency sounds. For years, people thought I was hearing and from another country. Ha! but I'm proud to be I am checking everything. I want answers!
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