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I had months of being told the buzzing noise in my ears couldn't possibly be out of my hearing aids it must be tinnitus. The Siemens rep came and started on me like I was making it up and causing trouble. The audiologist had been way out of her depth doing my fitting and kept insisting that if anything the "M" class hearing aid was too powerful! I finally got to see a new audio who changed me to a Phonak SP and there has been no more dead wasp noise in my ears. He says the aids were underpowered for my needs and the buzz was a kind of feedback. The new aids usually have anti-feedback systems in them, but the feedback has to be turned into something, sometimes it cuts some of the power from the aids to reduce the feedback noise, sometimes it makes a ringing or buzzing or warbling noise. If you have anti-feedback maybe have that turned off, though it might mean you then start to get feedback instead, but you are closer to the source of the problem.
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