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Originally Posted by beachie View Post
Help!! Ever since last summer when I was put on meds for high blood pressure, my hearing aid would cause the ringing/buzzing sounds. It could be coincidence but I saw an audiologist and was told there aren't any more analogue hearing aids (which now I know is not true). Anyway, I got a new ear mold and a loaner to try it out. My gosh... it was fine for a week when I have it on low setting. I upped the sound. The ringing/buzzing sounds returned. Few friends of mine was told the hearing aids (both digital and analogue) maxxed out on them and was referred them to get ci which they did and love. I am resisted to getting CI. I love it when I had my analogue hearing aid. So now the question is.... is it possible that hearing aids (both analogue and digital) can cause the ringing/buzzing sounds?
It could be feedback. If the ear mold is fitted right, it's most likely due to wax in the ear. You should have your doctor remove the wax in your ear before you go to take the impression for a new mold. Also, some molds for profound users have to fit just right. If you open your mouth and get feedback, chances are it's a poor fit. Try taking the mold impression with your mouth open, this helped with my mold giving it a tighter fit.

If it is tinnitus loud noises can make it happen to you so the feedback could be causing that as well.
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