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Originally Posted by Beach girl View Post
Can you try a different hearing aid? I tried a loaner Oticon Chili this past summer, and was so excited about it based on so many people here really liking it.

I HATED it! I don't know if it was the adjustment, or what, but it made noises uncomfortably loud yet not at all clear. Listening to music was terrible. I tried it out for several days, and then returned it saying it just wasn't for me.

My Phonaks are now several years old, and I'd like to try the new Naidas, but in the meantime, they are much, much better for me than the Oticons were.

HA fitting is as much art as science, I'm quite sure. No one else has your ears; how you react and how things sound to you is a very personal thing. If you're not eager to get CIs, trying out a lot of different aids seems a very reasonable thing to do.

Difficult, though, since so many audis only represent one or two brands, and getting loaners is by no means always an easy thing to do. It's time-consuming to check all this stuff out.
Thank you!! That is what I needed to "hear". I have an appt with an audio tomorrow for adjustment on the loaner as I was hearing the high frequency sounds ( strange ). The loaner is Phonak. Maybe the Phonak isnt working for me. Like you said, everyone's ears are different. Trying different aids would be best to do before CI (if needed).
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