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Originally Posted by Lily7 View Post
Yes, in a way. Whenever I am wearing it and have it turned on it distracts my brain from the tinnitus and bypasses whatever it was that was making the hearing aid make it all worse. So it seems like it kills the tinnitus, although in reality it's just overriding it.

When not wearing it, though, I notice it, so it FEELS like my ears mostly only ring when the implant is off now. But it's a lot easier to deal with since I get a "break" from the tinnitus during the day when with the implants on. Additionally, the ringing isn't as severe... it's sort of like after a full day of the implant overriding the tinnitus, my brain is conditioned to cope with it better once it comes off. If that makes sense.
That makes sense. So it must be the joy of getting older too. It's so strange that a hearing aid would aggravated rather than override the tinnitus. A friend of mine experienced the same thing and got implanted. She enjoys it but does not wear it all the time since the sounds can be over stimulating for her which will be same for me. Also my ex husband went through the same thing and got CI. He wears it the minute he wakes up to the minute he goes to bed. He doesn't get ringings in his ears like my friend who still gets them but mildly and less frequently.

I will go for a second opinion to be safe and try a loaner for abit longer to see. I will get CI but only as the last resort. I hate going through surgeries. Not my cup of tea...

@Grummer.... I like the three pictures with different facial expression. Is that you with all tht make up and hairdo??
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