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Originally Posted by purplecatty View Post
You can always find out inside PCM. Take it apart and look for chip that plugged into it. OR if you see "black box" outside of PCM. Perhap you can disable it without getting PCM disabled from unplugging. Sometime you can buy Aftermarket PCM so you won't have to worry about Big Brother watching every move you make.

I read news few years ago that there were suggesting adding "blackbox" just like Airline so they can track your movement, where were you, and how fast you were going. One was to track your driving habit so once the blackbox transmit signal to insurance co, rates would go up or down. It was considered invading privacy and unfair practice so they dropped.

I would do anything to hack the black box and remove internal antenna, or anything that transmit signal wirelessly. I do have gut to take PCM out and take it apart and see what I can do without damaging main engine computer unit. Disabling one chip if it doesn't affect main engine computer then it's worth it. Some PCM may have some type of black solid filled inside to prevent you from hacking the chipset. Then Aftermarket would be the one that you would need.

In matter of fact today and future, I doubt that it would install all vehicles. I believe Onstar would be the one that was factory installed. I thought Onstar requires monthly payment to use their service. If you don't want to then you can disable the service thus render Onstar non functioning. (I know Onstar isn't free)...

Beat me.... I'm thinking to like your post.... Yes you can crack up the ancient PCMs but no black boxes there. I noticed the new high technology PCMs or modules have factory sealed like epoxy filled inside the PC or special riveted or molded process...You can not crack them. NOT ALL the vehicles. No way, I know where is the location of the black boxes cuz I use to looking up the electrical diagram to diagnosing the MIL or no start conditions, see no black box word on the diagram. Nothing but I think the black box might be in the other modules such as BCM (body control module) that might store the collision info that will lead the body tech (auto body shop) pull the codes or review the freeze frames (copy and report to the insurance company) I don't know exact.
You says about GPS? I think you are right about the antenna module..
I've seen some blank electrical connectors or panel box under the dash, they are for factory installment of like thief alarm, add OnStar etc...
I can't recall of the other devices...
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