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Originally Posted by DeafCaroline View Post
Reba - very interesting. I remembered you mentioning there's no need for hate laws when there are already laws existing against crimes, period.

There'd be no need for a law forbidding a religion when there are laws already put in place to ensure no one can be exempt from illegal activities, no matter what religion they are (or are not). Like for example, honour killings, forced female circumsions, they are already illegal in the US, why the need for any amendments at all?
I think it came up because some groups wanted to be able to use their own courts based on their cultures for some cases.

It doesn't seem that OK would need an additional law prohibiting "outside" laws if they carefully follow the laws that they already have in place.

Secondly, why all this focus on Sharia law when somewhere in Utah, there are plural marriages that everyone is turning a blind eye to? Where was the US law when those young girls were forced to marry elderly pedophiles?
Good question about the plural marriages. I don't know why they allow them. I think some places are finally cracking down on the so-called marriages of young girls to dirty old men. Prosecution is often difficult in those cases because all the parties involved are so closed off from the outside. It's hard to get witnesses to testify.

Nailing Warren Jeffs was a good start.
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