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Originally Posted by Angle1989 View Post
I have only been deaf 8 months. I don't know enough ASL to communicate yet. However, even if I did my college children have not learned it yet.
I LOVE them bringing their laptops over to talk to me. Just like you they are very fast typers. Right now it is a very good way for me to have a "real" conversation with them. If they had to write everything down, our conversations would be limited. I do try to lipread but I always have to ask them to repeat themselves. So as a mother to 3 young adults, I'll take a laptop conversation anyday!! Good luck.
Originally Posted by musher View Post
Thanks angle! Yeah, the conversation does seem really stilted when we have to use the interpreters. I too was thinking that the laptop might make active discussions a bit easier, since our class is very groupwork-oriented.
In this Instant Messaging and Social Network world....chatting in this manner is the 'in' thing even with hearing people. I do this with my young adult and teenage children all the time (and they are all hearing btw). I also love it when people use that means of communication with me. It is a happy medium for all concerned.
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