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Originally Posted by Chevy57
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Sorenson finally release nTouch for iPad two days ago I think. I just downloaded nTouch for my wife iPad and now I have to wait for phone number and password. I tried to call customer service but I'm sure they are very busy after the nTouch for iPad released. So, I applied it on the website however there's no choice for what device you have, I pick "other iPhone" then add comment "for iPad". Let see how that goes.
How long have you waited for getting new number and password when applied? I had gotten them by email about two week. I finally download nTouch Tablet for my iPad 2. That s nice but FaceTime is better quality than any VRS mobile, Skype, ooVoo and Tango. Worked same phone number and password for both of my iPhone and iPad. Use one device at log in and other one at log out.

Video Demo of Sorenson ntouch Tablet - YouTube
I just apply for new number yesterday. So i guess ill wait and see how long.
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