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Though one person speaks for a friend and says he made a choice to be homosexual because of bad luck with women, I kind of doubt that. You can't just choose to be sexually attracted to a gender when you had no such attraction before.

As for me - growing up I thought I liked girls. Well, I did, but it was before I knew about sexual and romantic attraction. When I was 13, I had my first sexual dreams, and (surprise) they didn't include girls! When I finally put a name to it and started thinking back, I realized I had "liked" girls but my really strong attractions as a kid had been to boys. But I never thought there was anything "different" about it. But again, looking back.... Gor example I remember in about 5th grade, a friend remarked that when he looked at Playboy magazines, he got an erection. Others chimed in and said "yeah, me too!" None of us knew why, and it didn't even occur to me to wonder if I "should have." And not having seen any magazine with naked guys in it, I really had no way to compare. Though I did later discover the underwear and swimsuit section of the Sears catalog!
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