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Originally Posted by Steinhauer View Post
already answered post #69

Not my problem if you can't read. But ... if I answered, you would ask for links ... so I went ahead and answered with links.
"Truman ignored George."

I'm interested in how you came up with that assessment

Kennan's influence rapidly declined under Secretary of State Dean Acheson, the successor of the ailing George Marshall in 1949 and 1950.[40][41] Acheson did not regard the Soviet 'threat' as chiefly political, and he saw the Berlin blockade starting in June 1948, the first Soviet test of a nuclear weapon in August 1949, the Communist revolution in China a month later and the beginning of the Korean War in June 1950 as evidence of his view. Truman and Acheson decided to delineate the Western sphere of influence and to create a system of alliances backed by conventional and nuclear weapons.
His proposals were discounted by the Truman administration and Kennan's influence was marginalized, particularly after Dean Acheson was appointed Secretary of State in 1949.
don't you think it was Secretary of State Acheson who ignored Kennan, not Truman? Does Kennan report directly to Truman?
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