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Originally Posted by kalboy View Post
Investment is a risky business and I've heard many uneducated people fall into the get rich quickly/ponzi scheme and lost their life savings. It is a tragic really. But that doesn't mean that you cannot make money by investing in the stock market.

Investing requires discipline, a detachment of emotions and understanding the company/sector of your choice. It is not a gamble by any means if you know what you are doing. A gentleman mentioned earlier that investing in the stock market is no better than gambling, I am unsure if your comment was an attempt at humor or half serious, but I can assure that an educated investor will always come ahead than a gambler.

So do your research but take everything you read with a grain of salt because 90% of the investment materials out there are either written by someone who tries to sell you something or a biased advice without full disclosure.
Right, it's not gambling when you end up making a shit ton of money in a few hours, but it's gambling when you lose it? When you make money, some other poor schmuck loses theirs. That's the way it works. But of course you don't think of it like that. No stock investor considers the consequences of his success. That is precisely what is wrong with the system and with capitalism in general.

Just because you're successful at it doesn't mean it is any more legitimate than going into a casino and earning a 1000$ on a lucky pull at the slots. The difference is, money earned in the stock market is blood money.
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