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Originally Posted by SilentRider View Post
yep beloved! i even named her roxy, she kept me nice and cozy on my commutes to work. has 150 hp, due to aftermarket exhaust pipes, cam shim, valves.. kept me warm with aftermarket windshield, and throttle heat warmer. and a comfy corbin seat. im gonna miss her. was going to make a trip to oregon to visit my dad after xmas rush.. from what i have compared my bike to others, like yz1000, vfr650 750 mine felt very comfy and yet had the power. was funny story... bought it from craigslist, and when we went to the house i noticed the seller had 20+ bikes in his garage, and when i saw him it was my injury doctor! he kept it in good shape and since it was me cut the price in half threw in extra parts for it.
it ran good, had average 43 mpg if i don't take it in the steep mountains. had side bags and a helmet bin in the back. so was easy to pack and go for the weekend. sigh, thanks for letting me talk about her. i feel some relief.
the motorcycle cop who helped me at the accident, he said u gotta get the st1300, they got a lot more gadgets and is a great bike. so i think ill check them out, also will check out the 13 ab concur by kawaski, and maybe even a bmw unsure which model.
lol!!! @ cop's suggestion about ST1300

it is a tough choice between 3 bikes. ST1300. Concourse. or BMW R or K-model. I wouldn't know better. These are fine bikes.
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