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Is "So You Want to Be an Interpreter?" still good?


I'm the boyfriend of a girl that's interested in making interpreting a career. She's still a sophomore in college and has been signing for a few years now through classes in high school/college and through deaf community events, and she's pretty decent.

However, I'm not sure she understands the interpreting career as much as she should and I have been looking through these forums/RID/internet sources to get an idea of what a career in interpreting is like. I've gone through this sub forum (all the way back to 2003!!) looking for information/tips/experiences from current interpreters and students. Also, I've been going through the RID site to get as much info as I can about this career field.

One book I see recommended quite a number of times is "So You Want to Be an Interpreter?" People seem to say this is one of the best books to learn about the career and general background information. But what I don't get is if it's so good, why are the reviews slightly disappointing. I know there aren't lots of reviews to begin with, but there seem to be some complaints about the book being 'outdated' or 'disorganized.'

Before I buy the book, I would like to ask if this book is still as good as it used to be? Should I disregard the average reviews and still get it?


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