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Originally Posted by rolling7 View Post
They are relevant to show that in retirement I am not being GIVEN anything by the government but I have EARN every penny of my pension and insurance coverage.

You had ask in another post: which entitlements

The simple answer is there is no "bad" entitlement but abused entitlement.
There are those to help people in a need and, sometimes, to get back on their feet. But they are not meant to be permanent.

To give you an example:

When I join USPS we had 238 deaf that were hired under the Presidental (Nixon) Program to put people to work from governement support (as it was called then). Not only the USPS but other federal agencys hired not only deaf but others too. Now of this group that I worked with, and 99% I had never seen before because they were younger and we had no ASL social in those days, almost every one of them came from SSDI/SSI (I have already stated that in my lifetime I have nere had SSDI/SSI). In those days, it was like $300-$400 a month. Now they had the opportunity to EARN over $1000 a month. That....EARN...was the problem. They were use to having everything giving to them. Within six months, more than half had left the USPS (see the list of back-breaking reasons I posted) and within one year there were 57 of us still working. Through the years I've heard from the ones who quit early and they never looked back because they stayed on SSDI/SSI all their life. Now I'm not saying SSDI/SSI is a "bad" entitlement (yes, I do know some hearing people on them) but there are many that I know who stay on them for the simple reason they don"t care to work.....note, yes htere are those that can't work (for whatever reason) but there are many that WON'T work. Go back to some of my old post and look up CRR here in Houston. I have tried my best to help the deaf to get a meanful job but I and the staff of CRR have experienced much heartbreak because the deaf will not apply themself to learning nor to using what they learn.
Yes, I have explained using the deaf as an example but I know fully well (and so should everyone else) there in the general population of America there are many, many who are abusing the programs and, for that reason, we all must show disgust.
*my face a mask of disgust*
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