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For the record:

I started as a distribution/LSM clerk
Then sectional center/parcel post clerk
Then FSM clerk
Then window service clerk
Then special/express delivery clerk
Then SPBS clerk
Then expitior
Finally retirement

I sued, through EEOC, the USPS for discrimination for the deaf group and won a settlement for all the deaf workers to receive ASL interpreters for all necessary communication between the deaf and management. Also sued to receive TTY and later VP. In all, I had six cases of discrimination settled in favor of the deaf group against USPS, never once did I do this for myself.
If you look above to the window service clerk, that is one where I became the first deaf to preform at position. Before all deeaf that bid on the position were denied their bid, even if they had senority. After me, several other deaf around the nation where allow to bid with qulifications and we successful in earning the position. My last year, 2009, I had three heart surgeries from all this labor and just resently I had another. Yes, I will admit I could of taken better care of myself. The hardship all postal workers go through cause errors of judgement but I do think I did well to plan for retirement and I have earned my keep.
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