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No twisting necessary. He has taken advantage of the benefits of government employment for 38 years, is now enjoying the benefits of governement retirement, and government sponsored insurance, all the while complaining that anyone else is not "earning" their benefits, but being given entitlements. It doesn't surprise me that you fail to see it. Your mindset appears to be pretty much the same. You apply a whole different set of rules to yourself than you do to others.

Back breaking labor? Extreme conditions? Quite the dramatic flair you have there.
Back Breaking Labor. Extreme conditions.
Try these

1) twelve hour days
2) seven day weeks
3) work every holiday
4) work night shift
5) no a/c and no heat
6) work in rain/snow/hurricanes
7) lift and carry 70 lbs.

I could go on (and I've not listed the dicriminations against the deaf) but unless you were there you can't understand. All postal workers earn every penny of their benefits, nothing was giving to them. They are not laughing their way to the bank but suffering in their retirement from many ills. I know because I suffer and get with others and hear about their sufferings.
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