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Originally Posted by deafskeptic View Post
I don't see any need to do any twisting given the facts despite claims. I'm sure we can agree that Rolling has worked for the Government for 38 years.

Although rolling has not said in what capacity that he has worked for the government, it would be safe to assume that he likely either worked for a state school for the Deaf or Gallaudet University which is a public University.

If he worked at MSSD, I would assume that it is funded on a Federal level given the origins of MSSD. If he got that insurance from either Gally or MSSD, he likely got his insurance and benefits from the Gallaudet University Tax Deferred Retirement Plan though I think there has been changes to the insurance over the years. I dunno about MSSD but it would be safe they got similar benefits. There's no need to do arm twisting here. Those are the facts.
Now let's suppose that Rolling didn't work for any schools but worked elsewhere in the government. It it still quite likely he would have gotten benefits from either the Federal level or the state level.

I've worked for several different companies and as a rule if they had insurance then they had group insurance.

I can't imagine any private insurance providing coverage to retirees around age 65 because it is then that they will start having health problems that will increase the cost of covering them. I don't think many would try to dispute that.

I know of no private insurance that covers retirees at a reasonable coast in relation to fixed incomes.

So then we can only conclude that rolling and others would do well not to complain that others shouldn't get medicare..
Rolling has stated that he worked for the post office. He has not described his job duties, and therefore, another posters assumption that he was doing "backbreaking labor in extreme conditions" was nothing more than a dramatic attempt to justify and distract.

Exactly. There is no option available privately that will provide the same coverage for the same low cost as Medicare. Even the Conservatives realize that, as much as they want to argue against health reform and the totaly hypocrisy of taking advantage of a government sponsored insurance while giving lip service to all the sillly, illogical excuses they can dream up to oppose health care reform.
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