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They want it to continue because they paid so much money into it. If the government could return those "contributions" so they could pay for commercial health insurance, maybe they wouldn't have to "rant."

The problem is, you can't compare government option insurance with Medicare because Medicare is NOT optional.
Yes, you can compare the two. Especially when a fringe group is opposed to any government run health care insurance, but demand that their own be left alone. Like I said, perfectly willing to take for themselves, but not willing to allow others to have the option. If the contributions made over the years were refunded, there is no way it would be sufficient to purchase private insurance with the same degree of coverage. Why? Because of the very fact that this is government run insurance program, and therefore, much, much more inexpensive than private coverage. The amount paid in contributions is minor when compared to the cost of any other private plan. Even the lousy coverage of an HMO is more expensive.
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