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Originally Posted by Reba View Post
Ask someone in civil service about RIFs.

Hypocrisy is saying one thing and doing another. Someone criticizing unearned benefits but receiving earned benefits is not hypocrisy.

Ever since I've drawn a paycheck, a portion has been deducted, or I've paid directly into the Medicare fund, whether or not I wanted to. Of course, I expect someday to get back something for all that money I've paid in. If I had never paid in anything, I wouldn't expect to get anything back.

Do you really believe that people who get Medicare after decades of employee "contributions" are getting something they didn't earn?
Exactly. And that is exactly what the poster has done. Say one thing and do another.

No, and you are missing the point of the "keep your hands off my Medicare" analogy. The Tea Partiers were ranting about government run insurance programs being unnacceptable, but their Medicare is a government run insurance program. They want it to continue, but they don't want government options for anyone else. That, again, is hypocritical.
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