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Originally Posted by jillio View Post
I don't think anyone claimed that they were all golden; just that as a rule, benefits for government jobs is better than that found in the private sector, and job security is greater.
Ask someone in civil service about RIFs.

The point being made by bringing that into the discussion was that one cannot take advantage of the greater benefits and job security for 38 years, continue to be supported by the pension from that job, and also, in the same breath, accuse other government workers as getting entitlements. Well, again, one can. But then one must be prepared to have the hypocrisy pointed out. Just like the hypocrisy of "hands off my Medicare".
Hypocrisy is saying one thing and doing another. Someone criticizing unearned benefits but receiving earned benefits is not hypocrisy.

Ever since I've drawn a paycheck, a portion has been deducted, or I've paid directly into the Medicare fund, whether or not I wanted to. Of course, I expect someday to get back something for all that money I've paid in. If I had never paid in anything, I wouldn't expect to get anything back.

Do you really believe that people who get Medicare after decades of employee "contributions" are getting something they didn't earn?
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