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Rebecca, your thread title is cracking me up!

Somehow it came up in the other thread that a lot of signs are supposed to be signed along with special mouth movements called morphemes.

So, for example, if you are signing the word 'big' -- you are suppose to mouth 'cha' at the same time. If you don't -- then apparently you are proving you aren't fluent in ASL! Which I do a lot. hehe. Actually I lie, I don't know enough ASL yet to even be on the same continent of being fluent in ASL. Someday, I hope ...

Anyway ... here are some links to see how to mouth 'cha' at the same time you make the sign 'big' or 'large' --

Go to:

Click on 'L' and then click on 'large.'

You can also click on 'B' and then click on 'big', but I like the way the first woman mouths it (mouths it, is that the right way to express that???) better.

I think Journey found the best web site though -- a dictionary just for Mouth Morphemes!

Really fascinating, but at the moment I'm worried how I'm ever going to be able to keep it all straight. A lot of the morphemes just don't seem intuitive to me.
I was a mainstreamed "solitaire". I'm currently learning ASL. My hearing loss ranges from moderate to profound; my audiogram and speech discrimination are posted here.
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