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he has absolutely zero understanding of anything being said to is so strange. i can say "look at the dog" or "wheres daddy" and he just gives me a blank stare. the only thing he does to communicate is cry when he wants me to hold him and he makes this weird static sound when his dad comes in the room. those are the absolutely only 2 things he will for sign language, he cant manipulate his hands at fact, he has developed a habit of clenching his fingers in a weird twisted way and keeping them like that..the drs dont have an answer for that either! but he cant point or wave yet still so i dont know. we have a communication board that we got from our local equipment exchange thing, but he cant figure it out..hes not recognizing pictures for what they are. but hes just not getting things yet..if i tell him to come here, or try to wave him over..he just looks at me. i still have to get him out of bed most of the time..rarely will he come over for me to pick him up, if i lower the side and hold my arms out, he just sits there and looks at me..i have to get him up myself..when i change his clothes, he doesnt know to push his arm through the shirt, he just sits there and waits for me to be done..makes me feel bad that he has so little understanding! we have a speech therapy evaluation coming up, so we will see what they think.
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