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we are still trying to show him signs and he is completely oblivious..even the director at the deaf preschool said there is no way he is ready to learn any of that yet..he went for a day but he had a rough four hours..he couldnt eat because they only have meal times at a specific time, and he takes forever to drink his bottle..and he wasnt really able to play with the other kids because he simply doesn't know how to play yet. we are going to try again in several months and see how it goes. he still hasnt learned how to point or wave yet either..but he can get into my rocking chair with his blanket! its so odd that hes able to walk at his age level but everything else is almost a year behind, it seems. it was sad when we picked him up..they had him wrapped up in his blanket, rocking him..he had been screaming for a while and had almost cried himself to sleep.. i felt horrible! it seems like any deviation to what his every day routine is messes him up.
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