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Originally Posted by Reba View Post
"the Christian population in this country perpetrates more hatred toward others than any other group"

The Bible and Christian preachers has been used to support movements against slavery, against segregation, against oppression and violence, against pedophilia, and against inhumane treatment of any people. Christians in America established schools (including schools for the Deaf), hospitals, and social agencies for helping the poor.

I'm a Christian, and I've never heard any preacher in my church or churches that I've visited promote hatred of any other religions or people.

Christians are no more perfect people than any other group but a blanket statement that condemns them as a population certainly isn't accurate.

How many people here would condone a statement that "the Muslim population in this country perpetrates more hatred toward others than any other group?"

That would be equally wrong, and rightly condemned.

How lovely of you to put the church and hate crimes together in one sentence.

I suppose any violence done against a Christian person, organization, or property would not be included as a hate crime.

BTW, when the mods come on board, I hope you remember that it wasn't me who brought up the "Christian" topic.
Perhaps then, your experience is limited and your focus a bit narrow. I offered the title of a documentary in another thread, but you stated that you "don't rent movies." I think it can safely be assumed that you are therefore, refusing to take a look at any information outside of what you already choose to believe. It is really a shame, too, because the documentary had several Biblical scholars and ministers speaking on exactly that topic.
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