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Originally Posted by naisho View Post
This issue is a tad controversial for my thoughts/opinions of a resolution... It is sort of like discussing the death penalty, there are going to be some cases where it looks suiting and others where it a supposed innocent death could have been prevented if it were not for the penalty in the first place

The only thing I have in mind are to distinguish two major issues that stem from the debate.

#1, The government has rarely ever made to set the bar/standard for the public people, it is generally used to enforce and regulate what we cannot do rather than define the standard - that is usually us the people whom decide what the norms are.

#2, The reality of the issue begins between each and every one of us. Why are some of us intolerant of certain ethnicities or simply skin colors? Why do some of us dislike homosexuality?

As we are growing as purely innocent children, we are never exposed to it.
I took a photo of this at a carnival ride recently, (Click here to see it) observing the innocent equality on that kiddie ride. It reminds me and continues to show me that children do not develop these ideas by themselves, it is learned or passed to them as they grow up.

These behaviors are learned behaviors, now the question is how to address them?
food for thought.
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