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well, frankie is doing pretty good! he is 32 pounds now, and 35 inches long..his hearing loss is the same, but he is not wanting to wear his hearing aids AT ALL now. its a real struggle to get him to keep them in. we saw the audiologist the other day, and she turned them down to see if it would help..we had an unaided booth test while we were there, and she said that he had almost normal responses the first time around, which she thought was odd. i dont know if it was because he knew the toys were going to light up or what. we go back soon for new molds.
as for everything else..he is just further and further behind as he gets older..when i joined, back in june..he was behind but now hes really behind..i am still swaddling him, he still eats baby food that i feed him..he doesnt understand how to use a spoon, although he did bring me a fork and cried for baby food, which was awesome! he will also take his glasses off and attempt to put them back on sometimes. he still cant use his hands, but he is playing with a wider variety of things now..he still can only use basic baby toys but he loves them. we took him to the deaf preschool for a day, but they had a hard time with him..they said it took 3 people to change him, which is stupid..and they couldnt get him to eat. i dont think hes quite ready. he still cant talk, but he is very vocal now..he loves to yell and squeal!

these are pictures of him from the other day..the blotchiness is from an allergic reaction that pops up from time to time!
i am hoping that he does ok next month..we are going to the local deaf childrens christmas party!!!!!
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