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@ Fuzzy

I do not want anyone to feel personally attacked so sorry- that that did sound like a personal attack, I should reread with 'fresh' eyes sometimes-

I have watched people, eating 1/3 the calories I consume still be unable to lose weight, still exercising as much as possible like water exercises 1hr a day alternating cardio and strength -(limited due to being crippled by genetic flaw of the hip structure).

I'm of the opinion (see any homosexual topic) that is ONE is innocent then the rest cannot be condemned with clean hands- so if .001% were due to medical reasons instead of caloric intake that would be enough for me to say, "not all morbidly obese people overeat,"

I -still- get science might change its mind tomorrow regarding what is and isn't physically or psychologically addicting.

Not sure how that changes the fact that some teen or adult (usually) willingly (usually) proceeded to take one or more doses (often) of an illegal substance -before they were hooked.

They were being criminals before they were hooked, now they are hooked criminals... too bad I guess.
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