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Originally Posted by Audiofuzzy View Post
Oh, boy- you've missed my whole point....
the comparison I've made was not about this but about how one day science says one thing and tomorrow the other.

That's why I am convinced I saw a physical withdrawal from marijuana use.
I know what I saw.

Just because science says otherwise today, doesn't mean years from now
my opinion can not actually be supported.
You understand now?

You are forgetting I have migraine, and I researched the subject extensively for years, starting 30 years ago.

Some doctors believed migraine was neurological and only neurological in origin,
but before the invention of MRI the majority insisted it is psychosomatic.

I was told by many doctors to my face it's psychosomatic, sweetie.

The famous "it's all in your head" was patronizingly delivered to many patients like me, and many were blamed for the disease they suffered from.

Even today you can find an occasional quack who will say "you stress too much".
Yeah, sure. I stay home doing nothing and I have almost daily migraines,
while my friend's a VIP with tons of daily pressure and no single headache
ever, but it's me who "stresses too much".

Something to educate yourself better with, Jillio:

Migraines: Myth Vs. Reality

No one missed your point. We are simply telling you it is not applicable.
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