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you could have used Copernicus and his study of the planets and their motion, or Newton, or any broad and understood topic that 'science changes'.
Exactly! and I just chose a different example, so what's the problem?
Because my point was not about drugs - my point was about science and how any thesis that seem to be presently very solid "oh, but cocaine and other narcotics addiction was studied for years!" - might be easily turned on it's head after more research
- tomorrow.

My point was there is no such thing as "sure thing" in science,

and just because general opinion TODAY says there is no physical withdrawal from drugs such as meth, marijuana, cocaine, does not necessarily mean it is 100% true.

Further discoveries into human brain and drug addictions may say something exactly opposite down the road years from now.

And how the science is so sure on one thing only to discover
it wasn't so -was my point,
not the drugs itself, and thus above examples are perfect for comparison - sorry you guys missed such a simple thing.

when you say:
But the examples seemed poorly chosen, a stretch if you will as you could have used .. .......
You are attacking me, not my arguments
Exactly why YOUR Copernicus comparison happens to be better that my comparison of ulcers and H.Pylori?

My point was about how science says one thing for years, then turns about and says completely the other - here and here exactly the same thing transpired.

Again, they recently thought all morbidly obese people overeat... this isn't true either...

No, there is a number of factors where morbid obesity is caused by medical conditions, genetic for example, this is true.
Keep in mind, thought, the percentage of those are very, very low comparing to those who are obese due to bad diet and general lifestyle - I've seen numbers as low as 3% obese due to medical reasons vs 97% due to overeating in various article stated.

So yes, mainly eating too much, eating wrong kinds of food and not moving enough is still the main reason for morbid obesity.

Have you ever seen any episodes of Brookhaven Obesity Clinic?
Ruby Gettinger at Brookhaven Obesity Clinic - Video -

Now, before I say anything, I want to say I feel for these people.
After watching a few episode, I understand eating is an addiction, too.
Very serious.

So, my point here is not about criticizing these people, no.
My point is about precisely why these people are obese- because they eat too much.

They are in the clinic fighting for their life,
thousands and thousand of money are being spent on professionals working
on their diets, physical therapy, psychotherapy on a daily basis
to help them lose weight.
yest some of them demand from their families to sneak up chocolate bars, fried greasy foods, humongous containers of sugary soft drinks.

Medical reasons?? no, EXCESSIVE CALORIES.

A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.
Mohandas Gandhi
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