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Originally Posted by Audiofuzzy View Post
Oh, boy- you've missed my whole point....
the comparison I've made was not about this but about how one day science says one thing and tomorrow the other.

That's why I am convinced I saw a physical withdrawal from marijuana use.
I know what I saw.

Just because science says otherwise today, doesn't mean years from now
my opinion can not actually be supported.
You understand now?


I specifically said I understand science progresses... (said so in the post you snipped) what isn't clear is why you choose those 'examples' it would have been far easier to take a drug that is now pulled off the market for side-effects or causing dependency... or harming fetus... or -whatever-.

The topic would have still been 'drugs' and we could talk about the FDA's 'fast track' program that kills people...

I have seen (experienced) caffeine withdraw, I used -that- as an example as it is a legal substance... for all ages and in almost any dose...

I have seen (experienced) caffeine OD, it's not fun either.

In case it matters I have what are called "Migraines" also, but along with my "Asthma" mine have specific triggers that I avoid like the plague.

(the 'asthma' is any solid particle inhalant, specific visual stimulus for the 'migraines' also some foods)

[in quotes as the doctors say its not really 'X' unless 'Y' is true, so I have no treatment beside OTC for this...not even the rescue inhaler- it's a lot of fun ]

Again, they recently thought all morbidly obese people overeat... this isn't true either...

But the examples seemed poorly chosen, a stretch if you will as you could have used Copernicus and his study of the planets and their motion, or Newton, or any broad and understood topic that 'science changes'.

You chose to use examples that are personal to you and that's why the defensiveness now- (IMHO)
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