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Looking at Naida's

I received my first HA about 18 mos ago. A Phonak Audeo Yes.

I have Mod-severe loss in the ear I use the Audeo, but Moderately Severe - Profound loss in the other ear. (sensorineural) When I was fitted with the Audeo, we tried 2 of them ... but there was no appreciable benefite in my "bad" ear... so I couldnt see spending the money.

Oddly, my Audi didnt suggest anything else. Now, My "bad" ear has deteriorated more, and in August she recommend a CI eval. Still, no mention of Power HA Like the Naida, Oticon Sumo etc. I am now smater about what is out there and solutions and that there are BTE's for profound loss.

So tomorrow , as I go to pick up my ICOM (cuz using the phone is getting very difficult), I am going to ask is there isnt a solution other than CI for my "bad" ear.. like the Naida IX etc.

Any helpful thoughs form this group would be appreciated !! Have just found this site this evening

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