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Originally Posted by Doug5 View Post
my mind is never muddled on morphine or vicodin. I have sucessfully completed job interviews while on them. Opiates are nothing like alcohol which makes you sloppy and stupid.

If opiates were legal without hassle, the fat fuzzball would not have had to commit any crime to obtain them.

While on them, he held down his job and stayed out of trouble, other than prescription fraud. He was on the radio every day and no one seemed to notice any change in his behavior. Again, why is it so important that the fat **** doesnt take opiates? He apparently doesnt seem to care about his health since he smokes while being obese. Should we criminalize soda and junk food along with tobacco so we can protect him from his self? Should the courts give him a monthly weight test to make sure he is not getting fatter? And if he fails, should we put him some kind of fat camp treatment center with diet counseling?

I dont consider Limbaugh taking excessive amounts opiates to be a crime. At a different time, consuming alcohol was a crime. It is all arbitrary. His body his choice

Also, most civil rights activists oppose the war on drugs and support legalization.
Taking excessive amounts isn't a crime. Doctor shopping and purchasing on the street is the crime. You don't seem to be able to grasp that.
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