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Originally Posted by Audiofuzzy View Post
I think it was also you who pointed out how long H.Pylori was around, too???

The advances are sometimes made way way later, Jillio, thus making the staunch, established generalized opinions all the harder to abolish.

For example, for migraine being not psychosomatic but neurological disorder in origin took the invention of MRI to prove it once and for all merely over a two decades ago. And migraine was here already a thousands years ago, Jillio.

You never know what may come in the next decade in the field of science of addiction.

But it sure would reduce it vastly.

The difference between a human made drug which is illegal now, a bacteria, and a specific list of symptoms connected with specific areas of pain allude me.

Migraines are not illegal, Bacteria can be illegal if you intend to commit terrorism with them... or are culturing superbugs or something...

Not sure why this came up, if one thing or another is or isn't physically or psychologically addicting... does it matter?

This thing is legal (caffeine) that thing isn't (Marijuana) ... don't like it vote...

I may have missed where someone was offering to legalize all non-physically addicting drugs or something...
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