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Originally Posted by jillio View Post
I have lived in dry cities and counties. There are a lot of laws on the books that are never enforced. You might want to do a Google search regarding some of the silly laws that are still on the books that never get enforced.

But are using strawman arguments. We are not discussing alcohol or the laws pertaining to such. We are talking about homosexual marriage.

I'm well aware that you can't come up with a legal support for your objection. That is the whole point. Your objection is emotional and based on prejudice, discrimination, and personal belief systems. That is exactly why your arguments are moot.

It doesn't surprise me in the least that you have objections to the Civil Rights Act. It simply confirms what I have believed all along.

I quote you: We are talking about homosexual marriage. There is no such thing, so why talk about it. You want to talk about homosexual sexual relations? Feel free to do so. You want to tall about civil unions? Feel free to do so. But don't talk about something that does not exist (Halloween must be getting to you!)
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