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Originally Posted by Reba View Post
Your assumptions and interpretations of what I post are inaccurate. If you truly believe that my words can stand alone, why do you feel it necessary to add the editorial comments?

In that case, I guess you didn't either. Secular preaching is still preaching.

Snarkiness and condescension is so unbecoming.

I'm making no decisions for others. Each person decides how to vote and how to live. People are free to incorporate religious beliefs or non-religious beliefs in their decision making.

I don't tell you how to make your decisions, or what to use in the decision-making process.

I like the Scriptures to be quoted accurately and completely without paraphrasing and editing.

Why does my opinion need confirmation? People can read my posts for themselves.

Again, that's your personal opinion. I don't "use religion as an excuse."

Guess what? I really don't care what you "suggest." I'm not one of your clients.

Religious discussion is a two-way street. I guess you would like it if I just sit by quietly while others can say whatever they want about God, Jesus, and the Bible.
Fine. Keep bringing religion into it as your sole reason for opposition. And I will keep seeing as I see it, and others will as well. Just accept responsibility for the fact that people are seeing what you are choosing to portray.
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