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I've been having a lot of problems with my Naidas over the past few months. (See my last post a few pages back.) All started when I wore them out in the rain (they say they are water resistant and it's okay to wear in rain . . . yeah right).

Basically, both aids went haywire. They would turn on, but then make all kinds of beeping noises. The volume would drop in increments, as if someone was holding the volume button down, and when it hit the lowest level, it would just beep incessantly.

Anyway, I figured the aids were goners. I put them in my dri-aid container and started figuring out how I could get them repaired without spending a fortune. A couple weeks later, I tried them on again. This time, the left aid worked, though it was still quirky. Sometimes it would go haywire, but for the most part, it was stable. The right aid was still full blown haywire. I have been wearing just the left aid for a couple months now, leaving the right aid in the dri-aid container.

So, today, out of curiosity, I pull out the right aid from the drying container. I noticed that all the blue desiccant balls in the container had turned pale, meaning they'd absorbed moisture. Huh, that must have been a lot of moisture for them to do that, since they've been bright blue for the last three years. I tried on the aid. Lo and behold, it does not go haywire. In fact, it's working perfectly. Loud, crisp, etc.

So, basically, both my aids have come back to life at this point. I've concluded that the Naidas are very sensitive to moisture, despite the fact that Phonak claims them to be "water resistant." Don't let that fool you. Treat these exactly the same way you would treat any other aid. The minute it gets wet or you start sweating, take them off!

I'm just happy to have both my aids working again and not having to spend a lot to fix them. Still, I hate these stupid things, and as soon as I can afford it, I will be switching to Oticon.
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