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Originally Posted by Jiro View Post
um.... I understand there's controversial issue with gay marriage and uh... some religious anecdote forbidding it but um.... would this be a problem for you if gay marriage is held at government court rather than church?
Whether or not someone gets married in a church is up to that particular church's leader. There are plenty of GLTB friendly churches that can be chosen for the ceremony. Heck, there was even an article in the news today about someone calling for the rights of GLTB in the name of Allah. Yep, a born and raised Muslim. But the fact still remains, that the ceremony, no matter where it is held, is not what determines whether one is married or not. A legally binding license, in the form of a state document, is what determines the marraige. A preacher can't marry a heterosexual couple without one and have it hold up as a legal marraige.

So, it all comes back to legal premise. If your religion tells you gay marraige is "wrong", then don't marry a person of the same sex. If you aren't approving of the rights of the GLTB population, then don't join a GLTB friendly church. The fact of the matter is, gay marraige does not infringe on the rights of anyone to practice their religion or to be in a heterosexual marraige.
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